Mixing Blades: Standard

gako unguator Mixing Blades

Both gako unguator Standard Mixing Blade (SMB) and gako unguator Disposable Blade (disp. blades) are designated as gako unguator MBs.

The gako unguator MBs are steadily guided up and down inside the gako unguator Jar. Their special design results in tight contact between the Mixing Blade and the inside wall of the gako unguator Jar which serves primarily for the comminution of the substances during the mixing process.

Additionally forced mixing in the whole mixing space is achieved through the shape and vibration of substances while preparing the ointment. The lubricating effect of the foundation ointment protects the gako unguator Jars and the gako unguator MB against abrasion. Discolorations of the Mixing Blade are mostly irreversible and therefore harmless.


gako unguator Standard Mixing Blades (SMB)

gako unguator SMBs are designed to operate with a specific corresponding gako unguator Jar (e.g. a specific 30 ml mixing blade for the 30 ml jar). To ensure proper operation, jars should not be used in conjunction with different size blades. The Unguator e/s, Unguator Q, Unguator 2100 models apply sensors to establish proper blade size and using an inappropriately sized mixing blade will display an error message. It is recommended that the gako unguator MB be thoroughly cleaned or wiped down after each use. Rinsing with hot water or placing the blade in the dishwater may also be necessary and possible when using certain ingredients; gako unguator SMBs are dishwasher safe. Please do not use sharp or abrasive materials to clean neither the gako unguator devices nor the gako unguator MBs.

gako unguator SMBs should be checked and cleaned of any residual ingredients or deposits from previous formulations. It is also possible to utilize a mild disinfectant bath to safeguard against leftover germs or contamination. The gako unguator MB is designed to be slightly larger in diameter than its corresponding gako unguator jar to optimize shear and total ingredient incorporation during the mixing process. For best results with all preparations, it is recommended to remove as much excess air as possbile from the inside of the jar by pushing the movable buttom up (with jar lid slightly not firmly closed) prior starting the actual mixing process.

Agglomerates and micro fine crystalline materials are effectively reduced and dispersed, as they pass inbetween the standard mixing blade „wing“ and the wall of the gako unguator jar during the mixing process. This shear is similar to the action produced by the ointment mill or traditional mortar & pestle. The ointment or material „base“ being used acts as a lubricant for the jar wall and mixing blade in the presence of crystallines and other solid substances. (Caution: do not mix the solid materials without a base or other semi-liquid material as damage to the mixing blade and jar may occur!).

Please make sure to apply the correct SMB size together with the respecting gako unguator jar size.